Art Adkins
Author & Leadership Instructor
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Art Adkins

Art Adkins is the author of mystery/thriller novels set in historic Cedar Key, Florida.  Art called upon his own experience on the Los Angeles Police Department to create his protagonist, Slade Lockwood. A love of science and history is woven within each plot, with enough facts to stimulate debate among readers.  The Oasis Project explores the possibility of an invention to benefit our environment.  Power Grid reveals the hidden secret the ancients used to create the wonders still standing around the world.  His latest work, Mind Walkers, has Slade uncovering government research that was supposedly abandoned.  Readers are invited to read the first 10 chapters of Mind Walkers for free and provide feedback.

In addition to fiction, Art is a consultant/lecturer on leadership and motivation.  His book, Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins, is a step-by-step guide to help aspiring leaders develop the skill set they need to lead.  Art is currently working on the follow-up to Leadership Basics, The Sticking Point, where he introduces a model leaders can implement anywhere within an organization and at any level to create sustainable success.

In addition to Slade, Art is developing a hero for young adult readers in a seven set series.  Murphy Tungstall is a middle school student intent on revealing the secret in A Secret In Old Growth Swamp.  It is a dynamic thriller and exposes the danger of habitat loss to endangered species.   

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