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Mindwalkers - Chapter 47

Chapter 47

The Oval Office was buzzing with activity.  The President had a meeting with senior diplomatic officials to discuss trade relations with China and other Asian nations.  The rebounding economy, to continue its resurrection, must have a strong trade agreement between the United States and their Asian counterparts.  At the heart of the negotiations were tariffs, quotas and product restrictions. 

Wall Street was closely scrutinizing the negotiations and was apprehensive as the talks were commencing.  The Dow Jones had already fluctuated by more than two hundred points from the opening bell.

“Mr. President, we’re ready to begin.”  His Chief of Staff handed him a stack of papers.

“Thank you.  Let’s get this show on the road.”

The President left his desk and walked toward the door.  Stopping abruptly, the President placed his left hand on his temple and stared at his Chief of Staff.

“What is it, sir?”

“My…my head.  Pain….ahhh,” moaned the President as he rubbed his head.  Dropping the papers clutched in his right hand, he grabbed his head with both hands.  “Arghhh…it hurts….the pain is intensifying.”  The President reached out to his Chief of Staff and gripped his shirt before losing consciousness and crumbling to the floor.

“Help!  Get a doctor!  The President’s down!” screamed the Chief of Staff.

Within moments Secret Service and advisors were swarming the Oval Office.  There was always a physician stationed at the White House and he rushed to the President’s side.

“Get the monitors on him.  Quickly!  I need to know if his vital signs are stable.” 

A nurse started attaching leads to the President’s head.   The Chief of Staff, at the direction of the doctor, ripped the President’s shirt open and leads were attached to his chest.

“Doctor, look at his brain activity,” said the nurse, turning a monitor to face the physician.  The graph was jumping all over.

“His brain is firing randomly.” Turning to the Chief of Staff, the doctor said, “Did he consume anything this morning out of the ordinary?  Any food or drink that he may be allergic to?”

“No.  He had oatmeal, which he does almost every morning and several cups of coffee.  Nothing else.”

“Seize the food and coffee containers.  I want them analyzed now!” yelled the Doctor.  “This is acting initially like a poisoning.”

A Secret Service agent rushed forward and grabbed the President’s breakfast dishes and left the room to have them analyzed.  They had a small lab in the bowels of the White House capable of handling such a request. 

“Doctor, we’re losing him.  His brain waves are worsening,” said the nurse, trying desperately to keep the panic out of her voice.

“Get ready to administer a stimulant to stabilize the synaptic activity.  Administer it now.”

The nurse injected the President in his arm and studied the monitor.

“No effect, doctor.  None.”

“I need those readings!  Where is that agent?  I need to know what I’m dealing with here,” yelled the doctor.


“They’re here…….Ralph…Mind Walker….find you….stop you.”  Ralph stood up and started to walk forward, his eyes closed in concentration.

“Ralph.  Ralph,” called Rachel, leaving her seat to join her son.

Looking up, Rachel could see men running in and out of the White House.  Whatever was going on was attracting a lot of attention.  Ralph walked up to the fence in front of the White House and reached out his hand.

“See you…..feel you………..Ralph strong….”

Rachel walked up next to her son and stared at the building holding the most powerful man in the world.  What was Ralph doing?

“Honey, are you alright?” asked Rachel, rubbing her son’s shoulders.

“Fight….Ralph….must fight……..President…..not good.”

Ralph extended his left arm and closed his hand into a fist.  Tiny veins popped out along his neck and his head rolled back onto his shoulders.  A low guttural sound emitted from his lips and Rachel stepped back.  What was going on?

“Sir!  Sir, you need to see this,” yelled one of the agents monitoring the security systems within the White House.

“What is it?  The President is down.  I don’t have time for this,” responded the Assistant Secret Service Director, Ellen Hipple.

“Look.  The young man started acting strangely within seconds of the President collapsing.  He’s talking about ‘fighting’ and the ‘President’ and I don’t know what else.”

Ellen turned and stared at the monitors.  Ralph had walked across the street and was standing at the fence, his eyes closed and left arm outstretched.

“Turn up the monitors,” instructed Ellen.

They all could hear Ralph murmuring. 

“There…..found….you…..not…strong…like Ralph…not true Mind Walker….stop…you.”

“What is he talking about?” asked the agent monitoring audio.

“I don’t know.”  Ellen turned away from the monitoring station and spoke into her microphone.  “What’s the condition of the President?”

The Secret Service agent in the Oval Office glanced over at the doctor and nurse.

“About the same.  Seems the President has been somewhat stabilized, but the doctor cannot revive him.”

“Keep me informed.”  Turning back to her agents, Ellen said, “what is he doing now?”

“Must stop….must stop….now.”  Ralph emitted the low guttural sound again.

“What’s the President’s status now?” asked Ellen.  “I mean right now?”  Ellen spoke into her microphone again.

“His condition is yo-yoing up and down. One second trying to stabilize, the next trying to go out of control.  It’s as if he’s fighting something we can’t see.”

Tapping the nearest agent on the shoulder, Ellen said, “Get a team to grab Ralph.  I want him to stop whatever he’s doing.  It’s killing the President.  Use deadly force if you have to.  Move!”

“Yes, maam.  Code Red. I repeat Code Red.  Send interdiction team to front of White House.  Apprehend young man directly in front of the White House’s main entrance.  Wearing a red shirt, blue jeans.  He has his arm outstretched toward the building.  His mother is with him.  Deadly force is authorized if necessary.  Move.”

Ellen spoke into her microphone again.  “Update?”


“Keep me informed.”

The van came sliding around the corner and Rachel had to step out of the way as the side doors were opened and three men jumped out.  All of them were armed with weapons and they were pointed at Ralph.

“No!  Don’t shoot!  What are you doing!” screamed Rachel, rushing forward and confronting the first agent.

“He’s killing the President and he must stop!  Get back,” ordered the man.

“He’s my son and he’s not killing the President, he’s helping him!  Try to understand!”

“Stay back!” 

The nearest agent grabbed Rachel and wrestled her to the ground, pinning her beneath his knee.  The other two agents approached Ralph, weapons at the ready.

“Cease what you’re doing!” ordered the nearest agent.

“Ralph…must….help…must…finish job….President will….die.”

That was all Ralph got to say, before the nearest agent raised his weapon to Ralph’s head. 

“Going to take the shot!”

In the monitoring room, Ellen watched the event unfold on the screens and could hear the audio.  The agent in the Oval Office had just reported the President was the same, fighting between stability and death.

“Tell him to take the shot,” ordered Ellen.


“What’s happening?  Why isn’t he finishing the job?” screamed Gunter.

“He’s being fought on the other end!  They must have a Mind Walker and he’s fighting Jimmy!” yelled Dr. Zofel.  “Another ten cc’s of the mind cocktail.  Now!”

“Dr. Zofel, it could kill him,” stated a technician, monitoring Jimmy’s vital signs.

“We don’t have a choice.  Do it.” 

Dr. Zofel watched as an assistant in the lab administered another ten cc’s of the stimulant to Jimmy.  Immediately the effects were obvious.  The lead attached to the cerebral cortex sounded an alarm.  Followed seconds later by a second lead attached to the hind brain.

“Just as I feared.  He could go into cardiac arrest.”  The technician was punching numbers into a computer.

“Stabilize his vital signs.  Increase the program and have him focus his mental energy on the end game.  He must achieve his objective.  Increase the program parameters!” Dr. Zofel was yelling and he tried to calm down.  If he lost control, the staff would lose control.  Who was powerful enough to stop Jimmy?  “Do we have total control of his mental capabilities?”

“Yes.  We have control, but I’m still getting interference.  It’s as if he is being fought at the juncture where he’s trying to enter the President’s brain.  The data being transmitted should not be coming in like this.  Each time I launch a mental attack, it’s blocked and negated.  Whoever is interfering is forcing control away from the President.”

“Can we have another Mind Walker attack the helper on that end?  Maybe set up a dual mental field and pull their attention away from the President,” asked Gunter, resuming his pacing of the room.

“It’s possible, but we only have the one array.  We don’t have anyone who is trained and disciplined enough to handle such a task. We have one alternative, but it may kill him in the process,” said Dr. Zofel, looking at Gunter for approval.

“Talk to me.”

“Inject another ten cc’s of stimulant.  I think Jimmy is subconsciously fighting us at a level we had not anticipated.  We need to remove any resistance he may be harboring.  Place him in a vegetable state, while we control the part of his brain needed for telepathy.  When we finish, he will die, but it’s our only chance.”  Dr. Zofel had been watching the numbers being fed into the computer to present that scenario.

“Dr. Zofel could be right.  If he is fighting us on a subconscious level, we need to remove that part of his psyche.  By rendering him ‘dead’, except for the part of his mind we need, we could accomplish the task.” The assistant looked at Dr. Zofel.

“Do it, Zofel. I want the President dead.”  Gunter slammed his fist into his palm and stared at Jimmy.  “Can we get any more energy to the array?”

“No.  The circuits are over-heating.  If you’re going to make a move, do it now,” said the assistant.

“Inject another ten cc’s of the stimulant.  Hurry,” urged Dr. Zofel.

The stimulant flooded Jimmy’s brain.  There was a brief surge of synaptic response in the subconscious cortex and then it started to fade.  The images on the scope in front of the assistant started to grow brighter. 

“That was it!  We’re gaining ground!  He was fighting us!  Starting to reinitialize the program.  The assault sequence is being reintegrated.  Making progress.”  The assistant slapped his hands in jubilation.

“Excellent.  Proceed.”  Dr. Zofel looked over at Gunter and smiled.  Medical history would still be theirs.


“His condition is worsening.  Whatever you’re going to do, hurry up and do it,” yelled the Secret Service agent in the Oval Office.

Ellen looked at her agent monitoring the situation outside the White House.

“Go ahead and give the order.  Terminate Ralph!” said Ellen.

“Belay that order!” snapped Cody Garrett.

Ellen turned and saw the FBI agent walking into the room.  He was still gaunt looking, but there was an urgency in his voice.

“Ellen, you may find this hard to believe, but that young man is the only chance the President has of living.  He’s trying to save him.”  Brushing past Ellen, Cody grabbed the transmitter and pushed the button to the agent aiming the gun at Ralph’s head.  “This is Cody Garrett, Director of the FBI, put your gun down and bring Ralph and his mother to the Oval Office.  Hurry!  He’s trying to save the President, not kill him.”

There was confusion from the agents in front of the White House.  They reached up to check their ear pieces and they stared at each other, both uncertain.  Ellen raised her mic and spoke quickly.

“You heard the man.  Move!”

The words from her had the desired effect.  The agent immediately holstered his weapon and motioned for the other agent to help him.  Rachel was released and ordered to follow them.

The agents grabbed Ralph and half-carried, half-dragged him to the front of the White House where the door was open.  Secret Service agents were swarming the hallways.  Doors were cast open and Ralph was ushered into the Oval Office.

The doctor was still kneeling by the President.  Cody had entered the room.

“What is this?  A three ring circus?  Get out of here while I’m working on the President?” said the Doctor.

“His condition has worsened hasn’t it?” asked Cody.  When the doctor nodded his head, Cody continued.  “You cannot save him with conventional medicine.  Move. Now.”

Before the doctor could respond, two agents grabbed him and pulled him back.  Ralph knelt down by the President and placed his hand on his head.

“Found….you….no…no….not….no….Ralph here….Mind Walker….stronger….than you.”

They watched as Ralph’s eyes rolled back in his head and his body started to shake.  When Ralph opened his eyes, they were bloodshot and a tiny drop of blood dripped from his nose.

“No….Ralph….strong….told Slade….told him…I did….will win…Ralph…is…is…Mind Walker!.”

“Whatever he’s doing is working!  The President’s signs are coming down!”  The nurse looked around the room.  “What’s going on?”

Cody knelt down next to Ralph.

“Come on, Ralph.  I know you can do it.  Slade knew you could do it.  He told me so,” said Ralph.

Ralph nodded and placed his other hand on the President’s head.  Another drop of blood dripped from Ralph’s nose and his body continued to shake, growing more violent.

“Ralph!  Ralph!  Are you okay?” cried Rachel, trying to pull free to get to him.  Two agents held her and would not let her move.

“Got you……run…cannot hide….Mind Walker… more….Ralph….Ralph…win..must…”

Ralph continued to tremble and everyone in the room continued to watch him and the monitors tracking the President’s vital signs.  No one dared to breathe.

Chapter 48