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Mindwalkers- Chapter 26

Chapter 26

 “Jimmy we’re going to introduce the stimulant slowly.  We have increased the dosage by fifteen percent since your last test.  Let us know immediately if you feel any discomfort.  We have all the monitors in place.”  Juan Domingo turned to the staff of physicians in the control room and nodded.

“I’m ready, Juan.  Nervous, but ready.”  Jimmy leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  The burning sensation would come in a moment and then an incredible ability to wander the world in his mind.  Jimmy could not curtail his excitement.

The mind cocktail was released into Jimmy’s body in stages and at each incremental release the doctors double checked the scopes and monitors attached to him.  There over two dozen wire leads attached to Jimmy, most on his skull to monitor what section of the brain was firing and displaying the most activity.  The standard leads to track his vital signs were monitored by two physicians and three aids.  Juan Domingo was taking no chance on the welfare of the man strapped down in the monitoring room.  Volunteer or not.

Cody was in the monitoring room along with the two other volunteers. 

“Can he hear us?” asked Cody.

“No.  The room is sound proof.  Unless we use the intercom, it is silent in there.  We don’t want outside distractions to skew the test.  His mind must be completely focused.”  Juan glanced over at the head physician who had just administered the last of the stimulant.

A low moan could be heard escaping Jimmy’s lips.

“Jimmy, are you alright?” asked Juan.

The response was delayed.  “Yeah.  Burning more than before…but….but…the clarity, Juan.  Oh my…the clarity.”

“Neural activity increasing dramatically.  His mind is racing.”  The lead physician spoke calmly.

“His vital signs?” asked Juan.


“Begin the test,” instructed Juan.

The lead physician leaned over to the intercom and spoke slowly into the microphone. 

“Jimmy.  I want you to focus on the Island.  I’ve shown you on a map where it is and described it to you.  I want you to see it in your mind.  Reach out to it.  Tell us what you see.  Take your time.”  The lead physician leaned back in his chair.  “I made sure we conducted the proper prep for the exercise.  A detailed map was given to him along with the concept about research and what we think they were doing.”

“Is that too much information?” asked Cody.  “I mean, how do you know if he is ‘seeing’ or not remembering what you told him?”

“Because we gave him general and not specific information.  The test will reveal if he can penetrate the time/space/mind barrier and bring back information.”  Juan had answered. 

All eyes in the room were trained on Jimmy, who was lying like he was dead.  The clock moved slowly and over three minutes elapsed before his hands twitched and his lips started to move.  At first no words came out and when his words were audible, they were fragmented, a whisper.

“He has entered like a hypnotic trance, but self-induced.  Parts of his mind are glowing red.”  The lead physician, Raphael, pointed at a three dimensional scope showing Jimmy’s mind.

“Against….kidnapped……one….no, two Mind Walkers… the beginning….where it began……”

Cody looked over at Juan the significance of Jimmy’s words not lost on them.  Could he be speaking about the original two members from the clinic in Baltimore?

“The One is coming…..they know….you know….know  him Cody….from past…..will not leave…..not leave whole….must help….”

“What’s he talking about?” asked Cody.  “Who do I know?  Who is coming?”

“Jimmy.  Jimmy.  Who is coming?” asked Raphael.  Jimmy’s blood pressure was rising and his heartbeat was nearing unacceptable limits.

“The….the One…..must help….him….”  Jimmy started to toss his head from side to side.  “He knows…..knows…we..we can …..see…”  Jimmy started to strain at his straps.

“His vital signs are rising too rapidly.  Administer the sedative and relax him.  Now!”  Dr. Raphael yelled at an assistant who had become preoccupied with watching Jimmy.  In seconds the sedative started to take effect.

“No!  Almost….could almost…..seee....”  Jimmy’s voice drifted off as the sedative knocked him out.

“His heart rate is back within normal parameters.  His vital signs are within acceptable limits.  His mind is slowing down and entering a state of rest.  He’ll be out for several hours.”  Dr. Raphael looked up at Juan. 

“Thank you.”  Juan turned to Katy and Roger, the two volunteers who had witnessed the experiment.  “So, do you each of you still want to continue or do you want to back out?”

“Are you crazy?  You better believe I want to continue.  I’m ready right now.  I can’t wait to talk to Jimmy and learn what he ‘saw’.”  There was no masking the excitement in Roger’s voice.

“And you?”  Juan turned to Katy.

“I’m nervous, but yeah, I want to continue.  I want to experience this.  You have no idea what it’s like, Juan, to live with glimpses and shadows.  Images appear and disappear, sometimes tied to something you can feel and touch, but all too often to a vague pattern that you can’t recognize or decipher till later.  All psychics get frustrated with it.  The future reveals itself grudgingly, incomplete pieces that torment us.”  Katy watched as doctors and aids escorted Jimmy out of the room.  “If your stimulant can help me, I’m game for trying it.  I’m looking for clarity.  Enough of the veil hiding my thoughts.”

“Excellent.  I was hoping you both would still be interested.  We have a lot of work to do.  Come, let’s brief the two of you on your exercise.”  Juan led them out the door to the preparation room.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on preparing Katy and Roger for their session.  Both were prepped independently to verify the accuracy of their experiences.  The Island was to be the focus of their experiment, just like it had been for Jimmy.  Katy went first, followed by Roger. 

Juan and Cody were in a private office deep within the complex.  There were no windows offering a view of the outside.  The room was comfortable, quiet, the hum of the air conditioner the only intrusion.  They were both sipping from a cup of hot tea.

“Amazing.  I can’t wait for them to recover so we can ask some follow up questions.”  Juan leaned over and slapped Cody on the shoulder, almost spilling his tea. 

“Why did you let them see Jimmy’s session, but you would not let Roger watch Katy’s?” asked Cody.

“I had to alleviate any fear they may have as to the safety of the procedure.  I will not jeopardize a human life, Cody.  That is where Gunter and I differ.  All life is sacred.”

“Makes sense.”  Cody raised an eyebrow in understanding.  “Juan, I’m confused.  All three of them said similar stuff.  All of them said I know who this ‘one’ is.  I have absolutely no clue who they’re talking about.”

“Don’t fight it.  When they’re able to talk to us, perhaps they can share more insight on what was said, what was meant.  Jimmy never verbalizes everything he sees during a session, but later will share all the details as he remembered them.  Oftentimes he relates more information as it coalesces in his mind and sometimes will occur days later.  This is an inexact science, Cody.”

“Yeah, but not so inexact that it stopped my government from spending $30 million dollars on it.”

“True.  Your government, like most, operated out of fear.  Fear that others had a technology or resource they did not possess.  Fear is a very powerful motivator and can often lead to disastrous consequences if not handled properly.” 

“What about the two members of the original program?  Do you really think Gunter has them?”

“It would make sense and would also clarify some things.  Gunter must not have as many Mind Walkers as we believed.  Plus, he must be hoping to utilize them…for the next phase.  They were very powerful psychics without the stimulant.  With it, I shudder to think what they could do.”

“But what stops them from turning on Gunter?”

“Ah, that is the tricky part.  Unlike Jimmy and the others who volunteered, Gunter has had to resort to force to apprehend subjects.  That means he must control them with drugs to channel their mental powers where he wants them to go.  The problem is the drugs he administers to gain control.  If not administered properly they could inhibit or prevent the very results Gunter is hoping to achieve.”  Juan looked over his cup at Cody.

“What about the two researchers?  Are we going to leave them?”

Juan placed his cup back on the saucer and sat both of them onto the table in front of him.  “That is up to your government, Cody.  As you can see, we are trying to obtain as much information as we can to assist.  We cannot, for fear of this facility being exposed, move directly against him.  Because of the information Gunter has, your government may not move either.  It may be a stalemate until one side achieves a break-through that would give the other an advantage.  Not a pleasant scenario, but one I fear is plausible.”

“I can’t stand by and watch innocent people tortured and possibly killed.”  Cody rose from his chair.

“Understood.  Jimmy should be awake by now.  Let’s go and visit.” 

Without another word, Juan led the way to Jimmy’s room.

When they walked in, Jimmy was awake and sitting upright in bed, his eyes staring off at the far wall.  The look on his face was one of fear and his hands shook uncontrollably.  Juan pulled a chair close and sat down next to him, making sure to speak softly.

“Jimmy?  Are you alright?” half-whispered Juan.

“Yeah.”  Jimmy turned to Juan and Cody and forced a smile that darted fleetingly across his face.  “Scared the wits out of me, Juan.”

“The stimulant.  Perhaps we used too much.  Next time….”  Juan was stopped by Jimmy.

“Not the stimulant.  What I saw.  I was able to cover the time/space/mental abyss, Juan.  I was able to enter the Island and the compound.  Saw the two researchers from Baltimore you’re looking for.”  Jimmy had addressed the last comment to Cody and smiled again when he saw the surprise on the agent’s face.  “I know.  You didn’t tell me about them, but their mental message was strong and I pieced it together when I awoke.  They’re both alive by the way.”

“Thank you.  Have they been tortured?” asked Cody.

“No, but I believe tests are going to be run on them.  It grew dark and cold when I tried to pry for more information.  And then…then…”  Jimmy lapsed into silence.

“Then what?” asked Juan, reaching out and grabbing Jimmy’s forearm and squeezing it to reassure him.

“That’s when I became aware of him.” 

“Of who?” prodded Cody.

“I don’t know who it was, but he’s powerful, Juan.  The sad thing is I don’t think he is aware he’s being used for defense.  When he became aware of my presence he initiated counter mental blocks.  Every time I would prod in one area, he was there, blocking me, channeling me away.  I was able to keep him out of my mind, but he tried several times to infiltrate my mental pattern.  Each time I repelled him, but it was a strain.”  Jimmy shook his head in disbelief.  This was a whole new game.

“Do you think he was one of the autistic patients they’ve brought to the Island?” asked Cody.

“Could be.  He had no feeling as to what he was doing.  It was like he was a robot obeying commands.”  Jimmy stared off at the window, his mind recalling the ordeal.  “He could have been suffering from a mental disorder and they were controlling his mind.  He didn’t seem to have the will to push forward.  He was content with the block.  I hope this is making sense.”  Jimmy held his hands up in despair.

“It does.  It makes a great deal of sense and you’ve found what I had hoped you would find.”  Juan turned to Cody.  “Let’s let Jimmy rest.  Jimmy if you remember any more fill us in.”

“I will.  And Juan,” said Jimmy, waiting until the doctor had turned to face him.  “When can I try again?  I know I’m powerful enough to thwart their attempt and I want to know what they’re going to do.”

“In time.  Rest first and we will talk later.”

Neither man spoke until they were away from Jimmy’s door and no other staff member was around.  It was Juan who spoke first.

“If Gunter is using autistic savants and channeling their mental capacity for evil by using the stimulant, he’s going to have minimal success.  Jimmy just proved it.”  Juan started to pace, the excitement evident in his speech and movement.

“How are you so certain?  I don’t see how what Jimmy has told us leads you to that conclusion.”

“Of course it does.  Jimmy said the person blocking him didn’t seem to ‘have the will.’  Only a person who has full cognitive ability and the desire to succeed will be successful in the mental battlefield.  Jimmy’s adversary was able to block him, but not defeat him.  There’s a big difference, Cody.” 

“So you’re saying you don’t believe the autistic savants, if that’s what they are and if they’re operating under this mind stimulant, have the ability to kill?  A lot of ‘ifs’ there, Juan.”

“Yes, there are a lot of ‘ifs’, but it fits.  We need to talk to Katy and Roger.  We need to learn if they experienced the same thing as Jimmy.”

“So what do you make of it?” asked Cody. 

They were in Juan’s office having interviewed Katy and Roger.  Each psychic had different accounts of what transpired.  Katy’s report was closer to Jimmy’s than Roger.  She reported the mind block when she started to probe.  Initially, she had been able to mentally explore the Island, but within a minute she was blocked from proceeding.

Roger did not encounter a block.  His report was far more interesting.  Roger reported locating the two missing clinicians from Baltimore and described the facility and the defenses.  He reported Gunter was not on site or, at the very least, he did not think he was.  The report, as always, was fragmented with one bit of information triggering another. 

“I believe the subject they were using on the Island to put up the mental block was exhausted and they don’t have another one capable of performing at such a high level.  It would explain why Roger was able to roam freely in the space.  If I’m correct, and I know a lot of this is theory and conjecture, Gunter will go mad.  If he thinks his security defenses were breached, he’ll go beserk.”

“What about the ‘one’?  Even Roger mentioned the ‘one’, but was unable to give a name.”

“It’s obviously someone in your past.  Is there someone else in the intelligence community that could be launching an assault on the Island?  Someone who will resort to violence to achieve that end?”

Both men sat silent and in unison they simultaneously said the same name.

“Lance!”  They looked at each other.

“You think he could be the one?” asked Cody.

“Maybe.  Lance is concerned about this, more so than I ever imagined.  He might resort to all out force to destroy the place.”

“He cannot launch an attack, Cody.  We know Gunter has incriminating evidence about the governments participating in this and further more we know now that progress is being made with mental assassins.  You need to contact Lance and have him stop whatever he’s planning.”

“If it’s Lance, Juan.  It may not be.”

“True, but we need to start there.”

“How do we stop, Gunter?  We cannot let him continue.  And I have two American hostages being held.  The President will never allow that to occur.”

“It would have to be clandestine and the chance for success could be minimal.  Gunter would be aware of your approach before you made it.”

“What about using our Mind Walkers to jam his?  Set up an interference so to speak.”

Juan let the concept roll around in his mind before addressing Cody.

“Possible.  What you’re talking about has never been done, but we could give it a try.  How long before you’re ready to move?”

“I have to run this up the flag pole.  The President is going to want to know about this.”

“Hurry, Cody.  We don’t have much time.”

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