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Slade Lockwood Series:

A young genius has discovered an environmental invention that could literally change the face of our planet.  It could end hunger, aid developing nations and improve industry.  Recognizing the potential of the invention, an unscrupulous businessman murders the young genius and his family for the rights to the device.   Set in historic Cedar Key, Florida, the tiny coastal community forms the perfect back drop to launch this mystery.

The hero, retired LAPD Deputy Chief Slade Lockwood, has moved to the idyllic artist enclave to rediscover the man he used to be.  Twenty years of police work has left Slade in search of the man he had hoped to become and he is on an inner journey of discovery.  Falling in love for the first time, Slade is content with the slower pace of Cedar Key. 

That all will change when Shirley Waterbury, the only surviving family member, arrives on his doorstep pleading for his help to solve the murders.  Reluctantly agreeing to help Shirley, Slade methodically tracks down the businessman; a journey which takes him across the United States.  Along the way, Slade finds the most precious gift of all: his identity.

The Oasis Project explores the possibility of an alternate environmental invention that could benefit millions and solves an issue at the heart of discussion in communities around the country today.  Read The Oasis Project and ask why this technology is not being explored! 

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Power Grid finds the hero of The Oasis Project, retired LAPD Deputy Chief Slade Lockwood, involved in an international mystery of conspiracy and secrets.  Johnnie Atkyens, a catfish farmer dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, has discovered the lost technology used to build Stonehenge, the pyramids and other ancient wonders strewn around the world.  It is the same secret a Latvian immigrant, Ed Leedskalnin, used to build Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida in 1920.  Like those before him, Johnnie Atkyens realizes the destructive potential of the ancient technology and knows it must never be used by modern man.  It is the same technology used by the Atlanteans that destroyed their world of Atlantis.  Sending Slade partial information on Power Grid, Johnnie plunges Slade into a high stakes game of cat and mouse as the former cop must run for his life while piecing together the last of the clues to Power Grid. The search will take the hero to the far reaches of the world: a hidden Hindu temple, the deserts of Iran, the isolation of Easter Island and to the halls of Washington, DC.  Slade must learn who he can trust as he deciphers the clues to Power Grid.

The hidden technology is desired by both the American and Chinese governments to launch space weapons.  Realizing each would gain an advantage over the rest of the world if they controlled Power Grid, they launch an all-out massive manhunt to apprehend Slade and learn the secret Johnnie Atkyens took to his grave.

When the secrets to Power Grid are exposed, the mystery out of antiquity will be solved and must forever remain hidden.  Power Grid takes the reader on an incredible journey of discovery, while exposing the technology of some of the greatest wonders on the face of the planet.   

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Mind Walkers
the third book in the Slade Lockwood series, has debuted on my website.  Click here to read. 

Murphy Tungstall Series:

A Secret in Old Growth Swamp
Coming soon!

When loggers obtain a permit to cut the timber in Old Growth Swamp, Murphy Tungstall must stop them.  Old Growth Swamp is home to the rare and endangered Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.  Murphy is desperate to obtain a picture of the bird to collect the $50,000 reward to save his family from financial ruin.  But the swamp holds secrets of the past that the town people of Monticello, Florida will do anything to protect.  But why?  Old Growth Swamp is home to the Shadow People and the Medicine Man, who prowl the swamp to keep outsiders away.  To stop the loggers and photograph the woodpecker, Murphy must outwit a massive alligator in Black Lake, race against time to stop the destruction of a pristine habitat, save an endangered species and not get killed.  In the end, Murphy learns he is part of a predetermined prophecy.   


Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins:  You can buy it here. 

Leadership Basics:  Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins is currently in production.  This dynamic leadership book focuses on unleashing the potential of every member of an organization. Slated for release in January 2013, Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins is a unique approach to understanding and harnessing the qualities and traits that has created some of the most successful leaders of our history.  As one reviewer acknowledged, 'it is not only a guide to leadership, but a book for daily, successful living.' 

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