Art Adkins
Author & Leadership Instructor
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Arthur ‘Art’ Adkins is retired lieutenant with the Gainesville Police Department, Gainesville, Florida.  Art started his law enforcement career in 1980 on the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department.  Seeking more diversity, he moved to Los Angeles and joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1982 and it is his experience on LAPD which he called upon to create his main character in The Oasis Project.  In 1993, Art moved to Gainesville, Florida, his hometown, to raise his two sons. 

The only son and oldest of three children, he was born in Punta Gorda, Florida, to parents of modest means.  His father worked as a part time farmer and supervisor at a television cable company; his mother was employed at a General Electric manufacturing facility.  He was raised in Gainesville on a small farm and both his parents stressed the importance of nature and a respect for the environment, a theme he has illustrated in his writings.   It was his mother who developed his love of reading and encouraged him to read from a wide variety of authors.  Among the early authors that had an influence on him, were Walter Farley and Jack London.  Later the works of Robert Ludlum and Lawrence Sanders intrigued him.  The convergent plots of thrillers fascinated him and when he combined this with his police procedural background and love for the environment, The Oasis Project was born.

His law enforcement career has been peppered with fascinating jobs and excitement, elements he weaves into his work.  The police procedural aspect in his novels is flawless, and his work draws the reader to explore the events surrounding the story as it is topical to issues transpiring today.  In 2008, he won Detective Suspense of the Year from for The Oasis Project.  His first novel, it also garnered rave reviews from Midwest Book Review, Page One Lit, and Linda Fasulo, WGCU, Southwest Florida NPR.  He has been lauded for the environmental angle of his work, which is confronting society today. 

Power Grid, the sequel to The Oasis Project, explores the secrets of Stonehenge, the pyramids and other ancient wonders. Slade Lockwood is back and travels the world to discover the secret of a ‘power grid’ and keep it from the hands of corrupt government officials. 

Mind Walkers continues the saga of Slade and company.  Focusing on mental illness and experiments performed by our own government, Slade uncovers a plot that could reach to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!  

In addition to the Slade Lockwood series, Art has completed a young adult fiction novel, A Secret In Old Growth Swamp, featuring Murphy Tungstall.  Set in Florida, Murphy is intent on saving the last of the endangered Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers in Old Growth Swamp. 

Perhaps the most invigorating part of Art’s career is his leadership books and lectures.  Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins is a guide to becoming a better leader, parent, employee, and person.  

When his busy schedule allows, he and his wife retreat to a small hobby farm in Hawthorne, Florida.